Intelligent IT...

zupaGroup is building an IT powerhouse, targeted to do
continuous good for the human race and our planet.

We know this is a BIG statement. We will focus on developing business efficiencies through our new ‘’, e-commerce system due for release towards the end of 2018 (to help businesses be stronger and more profitable), ‘zupaStar’ app-based lifestyle management tools (to enable everyone to manage their online experiences), and invest in ‘zupaWorld’ solutions (to help bright ideas where early stage funding may not be available).

This strategy has already started in earnest, and will be progressively communicated through social media as our plan rolls out in 2018. We cannot provide details of all our ideas for obvious competitive reasons, but please do follow us on Twitter @zupaGroup and if you want to speak to our founder and managing director at any time, please contact Jerry directly at

For further information about zupaTech please email or call 0844 474 0808

Our services

zupaTech is zupaGroup’s operating company, focused on combining modern technology with traditional services to fast-track business efficiencies and to improve people's lives. Going forwards we will be offering a full IT consultancy service from IT infrastructure to application design as well as continuing to offer the Caternet services our clients currently use, ahead of unveiling their upgrade to ‘’.


Specialist hospitality eProcurement

Providing live supplier pricing and visibility across your organisation.

Complete with fast accurate accounting, zero unauthorised price increases, and a paper free environment. You then enjoy stronger cashflow, with your team focused on both operating and supplier performance.

(zupaMarket launches in 2018/19 with zupaCaternet customers being able to upgrade free of charge up to December 2025)


Lifestyle management tools

PC and mobile apps on one seamless platform, with a tailored array of useful lifestyle tools at hand.

Enjoy fast information with you in charge of your online contacts with control over what and when they provide information to you! Giving you more time to get on with your day!

(zupaStar launches in 2018)


Technology driven solutions

We want to invest our expertise in solutions that can benefit the World.

By creating technology/proof of concepts we can help you get your idea off the ground and in front of serious investors. Thereby achieving seed or main funding quicker, and with no risk to your available capital!


'Open source' development

Help us by sharing your knowledge to tailor your zupaTech solutions as you want them.

In return for sharing with our user communities, we discount your costs as you help us continually improve our systems. Plus, you get what you want, when you want it...


IT services

From cyber, data security/backup and systems mgt to great hardware prices.

Ensure you are always safe with the latest technology at your fingertips. So you can focus on building your business, never worrying about your technology letting you down.


Digital marketing

Understand your current and potential customers’ needs, and in so doing build your brand values.

By communicating regularly, and with purpose, you are relevant to your current and potential customers. Always be at their fingertips, when they want to talk to you...


Understanding you

At zupaTech we like to get to know you, and what your real objectives are!

You get the right service and pricing for those needs, and we get to understand your expectations… This gets our relationship off to a flying start, building results quickly with the goodwill of your users.


Would you like to work with us?

If so, go to zupaJobs to check out our current vacancies.
Alternatively, if you are simply looking for a good read, you can find the zupaJobs blog here.

Meet the team

(in order of importance to our customers)
Lyndsey Clarke

Lyndsey Clarke

and the support team

Lyndsey heads up a small but efficient team with the Craddock brothers, and they look after our front line support services as well as co-ordinating Neil Shayle’s on premise activities. We are proud that we can operate a small support team – it shows that our systems work for our customers!

Neil Shayle

Neil Shayle

Head of Operations

Neil looks after our users with his support for onboarding new customers, training both suppliers and buyers, and understanding/documenting each customers’ unique objectives working with zupaTech. Neil works closely with Mark Sanders to help new customers gain early confidence in our systems. Neil also supports Lyndsey Clarke and her team to create a ‘joined up’ operations process.

Joe Gough

Joe Gough

Head of IT

Joe and his team look after all our IT needs from cyber protection through data mirroring and failover to system performance and monitoring. This is achieved using a combination of old fashioned hardware/nuts and bolts (On-Premise) and shiny new services (Cloud).

Matt Ridgway

Matt Ridgway

Technical Director

Matt is in charge of the cool stuff; managing/growing the dev teams’ collective knowledge and expertise, designing integrated technical architectures across our systems, R&D, and maximising our use of Azure, SQL, JavaScript and C# business technologies. Plus our growth strategy has added a fast growing personal app team into the mix. Matt has the broad education and devotion to delivering technology that you only see rarely, which ensures longevity of performance and user relevance.

Will Sully

Will Sully

and the dev team

Senior developer Will works closely with Matt to help the dev team deliver our technical solutions as well as driving innovation and shared knowledge. Our dev team incorporates a wide range of technical solutions and from a personnel perspective we have Business Analysts, Testers and a continuously growing and improving range of development skills and experience.

Mark Sanders

Mark Sanders

Sales Director

In Mark, we have an experienced and genuine sales talent. Mark is at pains to ensure he understands his potential customers’ experiences and needs - so that he can create the right specification to achieve those needs quickly, and with no hassle. When Neil Shayle and Mark present their recommendations, you can be confident in a team who will hit the bullseye first time.

Katie Killinger

Katie Killinger

Head of HR and Admin

Katie’s management emphasis is to attract and develop the people that make zupaTech the innovative business that it is. Making sure they are able to perform to the best of their ability, Katie has enormous energy and is experienced in supporting personnel within a technical team environment. Katie also manages our ISO and Microsoft partnership programmes.

Ollie Brand

Ollie Brand

Head of Marketing and Innovation

Ollie has a dual brief; he works closely with the team and our users as a catalyst to encourage innovation to continually improve and develop new and relevant solutions, and he builds the ethical messaging that we send out to our current and potential users to help build our business into the future.

Jerry Brand

Jerry Brand

MD and Product Owner

Finally, Jerry runs the ‘big picture’ at zupaTech with end-user product design and corporate strategy among his more prominent skills. His secret to over 30 years success as an entrepreneur is a mixture of sheer stamina in arguing his corner, and failing that, he can now officially blame his age as the reason he forgets what he has agreed to! Seriously though, as a customer of zupaTech (buyer, supplier or colleague), you will find someone who has total focus on you enjoying your engagement with our team and range of products and services.

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